How to Create a Facebook Page Full Information ScreenShot

Create a Facebook Page

How to Create a Facebook Page Full Information ScreenShot

Hello Friend’s Today, in this article, we are going to tell you that you have your How to Create a Facebook Page , which can easily promote your Business, Blog, Website or YouTube on Facebook.

We all know that Facebook is the most popular Social Media Site today and millions of people use Facebook today.

At the same time, Facebook also plays an important role in viralizing or promoting anything. You can easily promote your blog, business, website or YouTube channel, and by so doing, a lot of people can know about your product and you get a lot of help in making Traffic Increase.

Now that it is said that there are two ways to do any work, the first simple way in which you can share your Blog Post or Video on your Facebook Account

So that your friends get information about him. Now let’s talk about another method so that it is a professional way in which you can create a page in the name of your blog / YouTube channel and can increase that page to your followers, and post or videos to as many people as possible. Can get access “How to Create a Facebook Page Full Information ScreenShot

First we know what are the benefits of creating a Facebook Page –

01 – Easy to Promote

Promotion of Facebook Page is very easy because Facebook Page has only one link that you have to share and the content you have on that page, it automatically goes to people.

02 – No Limit for Followers

There is a limit to add Friends to Facebook Account like you can add only 5000 Friends to your Facebook Account but on Facebook Page you can create millions of followers.

Now suppose you create a blog post and want to promote that post and you have 5000 friends on your Facebook account, your post will reach only 5000 people, but now if you talk about Page 20000 Likes on your Page / Followers, your post can reach 20000 people. Which is best for Promotion.

03 – Easy to Share

You can easily share a shared post on Facebook Page, share it on different groups, share it on your timeline, as well as share it on your friends’ timeline, which will allow you to promote your content. Helps you very much.

04 – Looks Like Professionals

You can create your Facebook Page with any name as well as you can make your Facebook Page URL similar to your website’s URL.

For example: The name of our blog is androidcomplex and so on the name of our Facebook Page is also androidcomplex It is done. Let’s now see the name of the URL then the URL of our Facebook PageĀ  is Which gives our Blog a Pro Look Provide on Facebook. Similarly you can also create your page’s name and URL.

05- Publishing Tools

On Facebook Page, you also get a Feature of Publishing Tools, so that you can easily find out about the reach and engagement of your content.

Now you get the advantage of this tool that you can know how much your response to your topic or content was available and how many people it was available to help you in analyzing Future Content.

For example: You shared the Topics related to Mobile Apps, Mobile Phones and Mobile Games on your Facebook page, in which the most Response you got on Mobile Games, you know that the related posts from Mobile Games are more like people. And you can easily increase Traffic on your blog by sharing other different Games on the same topic.

To create a Facebook Page, you have to follow the steps given below –

Step 01- Login into your Facebook Account

First you have to visit the Facebook website and login to your Facebook Account through your Login Id / Password.

Step 02-Click on Create Page
You get the option of Create a Page in two places-

01- Left Sidebar: If you look in the Left Sidebar on Facebook, you get a Feature of Create where you get many options and there you also get an option of Page.

02- Options Icon: This icon shows your profile at your account near Home, on which click on different options like Settings etc. In the same options, you get an option of “Create Page” too.

You can click on any one of the options in the given page in these two places. Both are meant to create new pages.

Step 03- Page Type

Create a PageCreate a Facebook Page

Now on your screen a page opens like the above image and in this page you have to select one of the options according to your page type. You can choose any option in all these options, it depends on your Facebook Page Type, which type of Page you want to create

For example: You want to create a page for your website. In this condition “Brand or Product” is the best option for you.

Step 04- Fill Basic Requirement

Fill Basic Requirement

To Create Page First, you have to select Category as you can see in the image shown above. We have selected Website Category.

Second, you have to give a name for your page that you can give according to your IQ.

Now after selecting these basic things, you have to click on the button “Get Started” so that you can complete the further process.

Step 05- Upload a Profile Photo

Upload a Profile PhotoCreate a Facebook Page

Just as you upload your Photo to your Facebook Account, you can also upload a Profile Photo for your Page.

Note: You can upload the logo of your website only because of this, your website has a Brand Awareness Increase.

Now if you do not have Logo in Present Time, you can also Skip this option and later you can upload a Profile Photo on your Facebook Page.

Step 06- Upload a Cover Photo

cover photo

Create a Facebook Page

Cover Photo is very important for any type of Facebook Page because it helps you to better describe your topic.

So you should create a Creative and Attractive Cover Photo for your Page which is related to your topic and upload that photo.

You also get different Facebook Cover Photos on the internet, which you can use on your Facebook page.

Step 07- Add a Button

Another good advantage of Facebook Page is that you can also add Button to your page. You can divert the Direct Traffic by adding the URL to that button. Along with this you can also add Message Button so that people can direct you message.

In Conclusion:

Creating a Facebook Page and promoting your business through that page makes you a professional with a normal person, so if you go to Blog / Website or YouTube Channel then you must definitely create your Facebook Page.

Now if you have any more questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box.



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