How To Fix Storage Space Running Out Problem

Storage Space Running

How To Fix Storage Space Running Out Problem

Have the problem of reducing storage space in your phone and you are not able to fix it properly, then this post is just for you and only for you. In this post, you will give complete information on how to fix Storage Space Running Out. You read it full.

In today’s post, I will tell you how you can fix or fix the Storage Space Running Out Problem in the Android phone. Earlier, I had told you to fix the problem of having pattern lock disabled in Android phone, hopefully you have read that post too.

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This problem comes in your Android phone when your phone’s internal storage is almost full. After the problem comes up, many phones stop playing in your phone. Because of which we have lots of troubles. Fixing it is very easy. For this you have to follow the steps we have just mentioned.

How To Fix Storage Space Running Out Problem
To fix Storage Space Running Out, please follow the steps given below.
Step 1: First open the drop down menu. In it you will find the option of “Storage Space Running Out”, click on it. On clicking, you will get 2 options, you have to click on Details.

Step 2: Now you will see the option of an application here and in front of it will be select / clear. Click on Select / Clear. Here you will see all the apps installed on your phone. You have to check them by clicking on the option To Move To SD Card in front of all these apps.

Step 3: After selecting all the apps, click on the option of the Ok option above. Process will be done once click on Ok. Here you will have to wait a bit while processing will complete the problem of storage space running out of your phone.

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