How to protect Android Phone from Virus and Malware?


How to protect Android Phone from Virus and Malware?

Does your android phone have a virus? Or do you want to protect your android phone from virus? So read this post to last. In this post, I will tell you how you can remove the virus from your android or save your phone from virus.

A few days ago people used to say that there was no virus in the android and it was also true, but nowadays, there is such a dangerous virus or malware that attacking android phone is also accessing the user’s data, so we have to be careful already No matter who knows when your phone will attack.virus-and-malware

Whether your phone already has a virus or you want to protect your phone from viruses, in both cases these tricks will work, if you feel that you have installed an antivirus in your phone then you need not to be scared .

There is no virus attack on your phone, so you are very wrong, the antivirus application does not remove all the virus from your phone, but these applications are also beneficial to some extent.

So in this post, I will tell you five ways that you can save your android phone completely from virus or malware.

1. Restart the phone immediately
Restart the phone after detecting the virus in the Android phone, Restart to do this, enter the virus and malware phone, do not damage the phone much. After shutting down or restarting the phone, the attacked virus or malware will stop working, so they will not be able to do much damage to other apps in our data or phones.

2. Enable Google Play Protect
In your android phone setting, google play protection is an option that you probably do not know, so to go into that option you can go to this path. Phone Setting >> Google >> Security >> Google Play Protect After coming here, you will see two options: One Scan device for scurity threats and another Improve harmful app detection.

After enabling these options, Google Automatically checks for apps whether they have viruses and malwares, and if an app has a virus, then it will automatically remove it.

3. Do not download apps other than Playstore
Actually, the only reason we have a virus and malware attack on our phones is to install the application from anything, but you do not know how much you are doling out your data by doing this, because when you say anything from the application download and install, so we do not know whether it has a virus or not.

When you download any app from the playstore, then it is absolutely safe, because Google adds it to the playstore by checking it out, so download any app from the playstore forward and if you want to install an app After you feel that your phone is not working properly or is hanging, then immediately uninstall that app.

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4. Disable Unknown Sources
Perhaps you will know whenever you install an application from outside, then you are asked to enable the Unknown Sources, it simply means that you are asked for permission to enter external apps in the phone, but You should let it remain disabled.

Unknown sources option is in security after going to a phone setting, so check the privacy in any phone on your phone and disable it.

5. Install Avast Antivirus & Security in Phone
there is no such application in android which releases virus and malware from our phone, but after any unsually activity phone, this antivirus application warns us, so that you have avast antivirus in your phone Keep & Security installed.

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I hope you like this post and you know how you can protect your android phone from malware and viruses, if you like this post, then definitely share it on social media.



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