7 Tips: Please Check Before Buying Smartphone


7 Tips: Please Check Before Buying Smartphone

Hello Friend’s Today, in this article, we are going to tell you that in the year 2018, before you buy your Smart Phone, what things should be checked first so that you can take full advantage of all the features of your latest Smart Phone.

Friends, as you all know, today there are new Smart Phones launches in the market, which we all think about buying, but do you know that before purchasing a Smart Phone, -But things should be checked or what your basic requirement of Smart Phone should be.

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Because if you want to get a new Smart Phone, then it is important that you check the things given below inside that Smart Phone because if these things are not available in your Smart Phone, then you may be able to access your Smart Phone You can not take the loot as much as you have spent money. “7 Tips: Please Check Before Buying Smartphone”

Are you going to buy your first Smart Phone in 2018? If yes, then you should definitely see these 7 things inside your Smart Phone, so that you can make your Smart Phone your choice of Smart Phone.


The highlight of the Smart Phone is its display so you should first see some of the essential things about your Smart Phone display such as the good Virtual Experience, Color Hepth and Reality features in the phone that your phone’s display is HD Also for Color Experience and Real View, the resolution of your Smart Phone should be 1920 × 1080 pixels or more, because then you can get a better display.

02-Accept Ratio

If you want a good virtual experience in Smart Phone, you always buy that Smart Phone which is Accept Ratio 18: 9 because Accept Ratio of 18: 9 makes your screen more real.

With this, you get more helpth in the feature also. Now if you like bigger screen then it is only right for you to take a display of 5.8 Inch or more.

03- Battery

Now, talk about Smart Phone’s Battery so it should be checked before purchasing this Smart Phone, because if you have been given High Features in your Smart Phone, then first you have to use those features for a good battery Required.

For which your Smart Phone should have at least 3000 Mah or above Battery. Because this will give your Smart Phone less Battery Backup in Battery and you will not be able to enjoy your Smart Phone. Along with this, if you already have a Smart Phone and have trouble with that Smart Phone battery, or you want to know how to increase the Battery Backup of Smart Phone.

So you must read our article “7 Tips: Please Check Before Buying Smartphone ” in which we have told you about 10 tips, so that you can increase your Smart Phone’s Battery Backup.

04- Camera

Now when it comes to Smart Phones, we can not forget the camera at all and as is today’s market, today the demand for Dual Camera is increasing after the badge lace display in the Smartphone.

Now if you prefer a single camera phone, then Single Rear Camera is also enough if your camera is Powerful but if your phone has Dual Camera, then the quality of Photo increases manifold.

You can also predict the demand for this feature that most companies of Smart Phone have started giving both Dual Rear Camera and Front Camera both their products (Smart Phones).

05- Storage

Now to talk about Smart Phone Storage, you must know that you need storage in order to save all the apps, videos, mp3s or images in smart phones.

But today many such smart phones do not feature the installation of External Memory. In such cases, if you have less storage, you can get repeated notification of Low Storage on the Notification Screen.

In this case, before purchasing Smart Phone Purchase it must be seen that at least 32 GB or more internal storage is provided in your Smart Phone so that you do not have to see the Notification of Low Storage.

06- Ram

Today all the smart phones that are being launched in India are more than 2 GB of Ram. But is 2 GB of RAM Enough for your Smart Phone?No, because if your Smart Phone is Lash with High Features then with 2 GB of RAM it can not perform as well.

Because almost everything in the smart phone runs fast because of RAM, so if you have 3 GB or more RAM inside your Smart Phone, then all your Apps will be Fast Load and Smoothly Run also. Along with that, if you want to do multiple things in the same time, then even 3 GB or more of your RAM should be in your phone then you can run your Smart Phone very well.

07- Operating System

Now let’s talk about the Operating System of Smart Phone so you have heard that the latest Operating System Android Oreo 8 is running. In such a way, you should also purchase Smart Phone of the latest Operating System, but if you can not find Oreo 8 in your Range then at least Android Nougat’s Operating System should be in your phone.

In Conclusion (Smart Phone Search)

After watching all these features, you can purchase your Smart Phone so that you will be able to get a better Smart Phone for yourself and enjoy the full meaning of that Smart Phone. Now if you like this information, please share it with your friends so that they can get all this information too.

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So, before purchasing Smart Phone, you can take care of all these things and buy a smart phone for yourself. Thanks “7 Tips: Please Check Before Buying Smartphone


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