How to apply second step verification to Gmail


How to apply second step verification to Gmail

Gmail Par Second Step Verification: Hello Friend’s In today’s article, we will learn how Gmail Par Second Step Verification works, so you can easily secure your Gmail account.

Gmail Cross Second Step Verification
We all need Gmail account / Google Account to work better on the Internet because if you want to use any of the services provided by Google or you want to create your account on any website, you can A Gmail account is required.

With this, you can do Gmail to send emails to you so that you can share Documents with your friends in Free, without harming the quality of that document.

As we all see, the use of the Internet is increasing very much now and you need a Gmail account to work on the Internet. Now if you do not have a Gmail account, you can first create your account.

First, let us talk about why Gmail should be secured, as you all know that when you work on the internet, sometimes you have to either share your Email Id or enter your password while entering the password. You can see and use your email later on.

In this case, if you keep adding your Gmail Par Second Step Verification, even after knowing your password, that account can not login to your account, since the account must be logged in for Verification Codes, which will only be registered with your registered Mobile Number Come on only.

Gmail Complete Second Step Verification
To have Gmail Par Second Step Verification, you have to have two things: first of all, your Gmail account with which you want to set up Second Step Verification and the other is a Mobile Number which is Active, as well as be Personal, which You Only Use Only We do.

To add second step verification, you have to follow the basic steps given below-

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Step 01: Login into your Gmail Account

To apply Second Step Verification on your Gmail Account, log in to your Gmail account for which you go to Gmail and enter your Login ID and Password and login it.

Step 02: Go to Settings


After logging in to the account, if you look up at the left side then you have given some options where you have given an icon of settings as well.

You will click on the settings icon and now you will open a list in this list, you get the option of Settings. You can open the Page of Settings by clicking on it.

Step 03: Change Password and Recovery Option


When you open the Settings page, you get different options, as well as in the Header Bar, you get some options. You have to click on the Account and Important option in the Header section and you have a new page open in front of you. .

In this page you get a section of Change Account Settings in which you get some options-

Change Password
Change Password Recovery Options
Other Google Accounts Setting
You have to click on Change Password Recovery Options and now a page of Sign In & Security in New Tag becomes open.

Step 04: Password & Sign In Method


Now scroll down the page of Open Sign In & Security and go a little lower then you get a section of Password & Sign In Method where you get an option of Second Step Verification.

You can click on the option of this Second Step Verification and now you are asked to login again to your Gmail. Enter your Id and Password again to login to your Gmail account.

Step 05: Enter your Mobile Number


Now on your screen, Second Step Verification will be displayed in the box. First you click on it then you have to first enter your Mobile Number.

Enter the Mobile Number that you want to use. After entering the Mobile Number you are asked that you want to get the Message through Text Message or through Coll, you can choose any of the two options according to your convenience here.

For example, we have tick on the option of Text Message as you can see in the image shown above.

Now you have to click on the option of Try Try below. Which gives you a 6 digit code of Gmail / Google on the Mobile Number you enter.

Step 06- Enter your Verification Code

Verification Code

Now you have to enter the 6 digit code that came on your mobile and click on the button next to it. So that your Mobile Number Verify is done.

Step 07- Turn on Second Step Verification

Now you have a new page open where you get a choice of Turn On. You can turn on Second Step Verification on your Gmail Account by clicking on this Turn On option.

this way, Second Step Verification is activated on your Gmail Account and you can secure your Gmail account.

After doing this, whenever you login to your Gmail account, you will receive an OTP of a new 6 digit, which will be your Gmail account login only after you enter and we will tell you each time you receive a new Verification Code. And that code can be used only once.

Note: Whenever you log in to your Gmail account at another’s computer then logout is done after the work is done, because if you do not logout your Gmail account, it is always logged in and the person whose computer It’s easy to login to your Gmail

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