Top 10 Great Features of New Android P OS

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Top 10 Great Features of New Android P OS

Each year Google launches an upgraded version of the Android operating system, as it is known. Last year ‘Android O’ was introduced, which was later named 8.0 Oreo. This year Android talk was being talked about and Google has released its developers preview yesterday so that you can feel it before launch. In addition to launching the preview of Android P, the company has also given information about its features. Next we have provided information on Android P 10 new features.

1. Indoor location will also be information

Google is able to tell the way, but when it does not give accurate information in Indoor. But with Android Paid Google has tried to improve the indoor location. This OS is capable of supporting the IEEE 802.11 MC WiFi protocol. It is also called round trip time. In this the app will be able to tell the correct position inside the house. The Android P-based device is capable of telling the distance from this WiFi device through hardwares support, location permissions and location enabled.

2. Display cut out

The Nokia screen was launched last year with the iPhone 10. This feature is also coming in Android phones and Google’s Android P is capable of supporting the Nach Screen. The company has given this information in the developers preview. However its name is displayed cut-out. Since then the app will also be able to use the Notch Screen.

3. Improved Notifications

Google has made Android notifications even better in the new OS. Previously where you could just view the notification and reply to it. At the same time, seeing the message coming in the notification itself, the Sajistated reply will appear in front of you and you will be able to reply with just one click. You will not need to open the messaging app.

4. Multi Camera API

Dual cameras have become common today and you take photos with Bokeh Effect and Blur Backgrounds. But these effects can not be used with apps like WhatsApp and Instagram, but with the Android pc, the company has enabled this feature. Now the app maker will be able to use Bokeh effects and Blur Background in the app.

5. HDR Video Uploading

There is also good news for the media world or for youtube. With Android P, the company has supported the HDR VP9 Profile 2, with the help of this, HDR video can now be uploaded to YouTube and Play Store with other stores.

6. Cloud memory will be empty

AndroidP has HEIF Image Encoding Support, which is specially known for compressing the image. This will save high quality photos and display will be smaller but its size will be reduced.

7. Job scheduler

Introducing company job scheduler with the new OS. The feature is of great use, which works with apps like DOS and App Standby. In this you can manage the schedule task. This feature manages network-based work and will do that work according to the network status. As you are doing some work on the Internet simultaneously, in the event of a slow network, this will stop the heavy work and settle the small tasks.

8. Fingerprint Authentication

The company has also emphasized security with Android P. Now even more fingerprint authentication will be used during the use of the app so that even if the phone remains open, your app will not be able to use any other.

9. Camera and Mike access will stop

Android OS has always been raising questions about security. Apps secretly take a permit from you and use your phone’s camera and mic. While this will not happen in the new Android operating system P. Camera and Mike Access have been restored.

10. Battery backup will be fantastic

Google has introduced DOS, App Standby and Background Limits app in the new avatar in Android P. The company claims that it has become more efficient before and you will get better battery life in Android P


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