Users Can Now Send Video Voicemail to Google Duo App


Users can now send video voicemail to Google Duo app

There is a work feature in the Google Duo video calling app. With this help, users will now be able to contact people who are not available at the time. The video calling feature has a new video message feature. Now users can leave voicemail in case the video call is not raised.

This means that if you call someone via the Duo app and they do not answer, then you will have the option of sending a video message. Google has informed that if a person does not pick up your call for some reason, you can send up to 30 seconds of video messages, so that he can see later.

Video message feature is rollout for Android smartphone and iPhone. Hopefully, it will be made available worldwide soon. Google wrote in a blog post, “Many times your mother is not available for a video call at any given time.

It may also be that you want to discuss your favorite basketball team’s victory with your friend, but It does not matter if you can not get in touch with these people, but you are not disappointed. With the help of Google Duo you will be able to send them a video message. ”

It is worth noting that these video clips will be automatically deleted within 24 hours of the user’s view. However, if the user wishes to download the video message before deleting it will be able to download. Also, like the Duo call, the message is completely encrypted.

In the Duo app, the video message can be played by tapping on the icon of the sender. Apart from this, callback can be done instantaneously, through the “Call now” button. This button comes out after watching the video.


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